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An animal that has lived since the days of the dinosaurs has been found in Australia. The detail is that this animal last appeared 20 years ago. Sean Bloxitz, tour guide on the Margaret River in Australia, had the chance to achieve this rare feat.

This animal is a lambre, a jawless eel-like creature that evolved millions of years ago. He also earned the nickname “vampire fish” for eating the blood of prey. This information is from The Mirror.

Sean, 49, said the task was to find Eddie or the Loch Ness Monster. He says he heard local legends about the lambrequins’ migration to nearby waterfalls. After 20 years of research, he discovered one for the first time.

“It’s a wonderful time. I’ve heard many stories from experienced people about the migration of thousands of lambrequins through the waterfalls, but we haven’t seen them in our Margaret River system for over a decade, ”Sean said. I hope so, but today is my lucky day. “

“Yes, I was delighted to hear that they were still there,” said the guide.

Sean discovered the species at Yalcord Falls, where he guided tourists and decided to reflect on their tribal and European history.

The animal has blue eyes and is dangerous | News Pen / Sean Blackjitz

“I looked at the water and it was like a long blue pipe at the shallow end. It was a little strange not to throw trash in the river. I went down and looked and saw half a dozen “pipes” trying to climb the waterfall, “recalls the guide, the bag he had been looking for for 20 years. He was amazed at the type of lambrequin.

He added, “The tour group was excited. They quickly understood the importance of seeing them as we explained to them how rare they are.

Pi Lambrey spent his childhood in freshwater, before settling in the sea, where he spent his adult life feeding other fish.

They later breed and return to rivers to die.

Sean discovers Lambria | News Pen / Sean Blackjitz

According to Sean, “They look like an eagle. They bite their teeth like a terrifying dinosaur. But overall, they are very beautiful creatures, with contrasting blue eyes, beautiful transparent gills, and a long, slender body. , He added.

According to Australia’s national broadcaster ABC, the lights are at risk of going out due to climate change and the increased salinity of the water in which they breed.

“These are dinosaurs that have been around for over 200 million years, but they are facing serious problems due to climate change. It is believed that over 20% of our river system has dried up over the past two decades, affecting its population. Interestingly, this year has been a very rainy winter, and the lights were clear that it was a good year for the organization to move. “


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