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Posted 09-01-21

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Tractor supply company (NASDAQ: TSCO), the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States, is committed to supporting its customers and team members by providing assistance to those in need of a helping hand. The company’s mission to “work hard, have fun, and make money” supports a commitment to give back and make a difference in the nearly 2,000 communities where it lives. To underline these efforts, Tractor Supply announced a new Community press room.

“The neighbor helping neighbor spirit, exemplified by traditional barn farming, is the foundation of what we call ‘life here’,” said Mary Winn Pilkington, senior vice president of Investor Relations and Investor Relations. Tractor Supply public relations and President of Tractor Supply. Board of Directors of the Corporate Foundation. “This commitment to each other, to be there for our neighbors and friends, is what sustains us in good times and in bad times. Tractor Supply is excited to dedicate an online newsroom so that others can learn more about our partner organizations and see how our team members are making a positive impact on the lives of others. “

The company has a long history of empowering team members to do whatever it takes to support customers and encourage local partnerships through volunteerism, in-store events and financial support. In 2020, the company provided more than $ 12 million in charitable giving, including the establishment of the Tractor Supply Company Foundation, through direct donations, sponsorships, fundraisers and more.

Here are four examples of how team members and partners help others:

Tractor Supply and Cul2vate join forces to grow food and people

In 2018, Tractor Supply partnered for the first time with Cul2vate, a non-profit organization located near the company’s headquarters in Middle Tennessee, dedicated to finding sources of nutritional food and providing agricultural training on its eight-acre farm for those in need of aid.

The partnership expanded to include regular assistance so that when local flooding threatened the farm’s crops, a dozen members of the tractor supply team stepped up to help. Although the damage from the floods was extensive, Cul2vate executives said the tractor supply team helped them complete a week’s clean-up effort within hours.

Team member Jessica Thoma inspires others with persistence and determination

When Tractor Supply learned of a team member’s serious and persistent health issues, the company wanted to make sure their love for horses and riding could continue.

After suffering from a rare form of vasculitis, team member Jessica Thoma learned that the lower parts of both legs and her left arm would require amputation to combat the crippling condition. After several successful surgeries, Jessica’s condition improved enough that she could resume her love of horseback riding and return to her part-time position at Tractor Supply.

Jessica’s spirit and determination to ride again inspired Tractor Supply to partner with Tucker’s house and Purina to donate two years of food and additional funds to make his barn more accessible. Tractor Supply also gave Jessica a Lifetime Employee Discount to continue to support her lifelong passion for horses.

Tractor supply improves digital divide in rural areas

Broadband connectivity is an ongoing struggle for many rural communities. To help bridge the digital divide, Tractor Supply has embarked on multiple initiatives to increase broadband access.

Every time someone downloaded Tractor Supply’s mobile app in 2020, the company donated $ 1 to the American Connection Project to help rural residents access the Internet, by donating $ 1 million. Since then, the company has been able to engage in various initiatives to activate these funds, including partnering with Microsoft’s Airband Initiative to provide free Wi-Fi in parking lots at Tractor Supply stores, supporting the program. 4-H Tech Changemakers which teaches digital skills. to more than 50,000 adult job seekers nationwide, and sponsoring two fellows through the American Connection Corps to coordinate broadband development and digital inclusion.

Going beyond to help veteran farmers

Pride in the military runs deep at Tractor Supply, and the company seeks to support veterans through a variety of in-store initiatives and events. Recognizing that access to start-up capital is one of the challenges experienced farmers face as they seek to make the transition to careers in agriculture, Tractor Supply has contributed $ 100,000 to the Coalition of Farmers and Veterans to support more than 50 farmers and their farming businesses.

Applicants submitted essays describing their previous farming experience and training, including how the funds could improve their farming operations. Two of the winning essays included Eric Spalding, a 20-year military veteran who raises bees with his family on their Michigan farm, and Pamela Monk, a Navy veteran in Florida who wanted to expand her fruit and vegetable farm. .

Join the online community

The commitment to helping others has always been an area of ​​interest and a source of pride for Tractor Supply and its more than 45,000 team members. Showcasing these examples will hopefully inspire others in the private sector, other team members and clients to lend a hand so that others have the opportunity to be successful.

“I wish we had the time and space to recognize all the good deeds of our team members and community partners,” added Pilkington. “Showcasing these examples will hopefully encourage people from all walks of life to help their neighbors in any way they can. “

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