Top 9 Websites and Blogs to Learn Excel Tips and Tricks


No matter how good you are at Microsoft Excel, there will always be more to learn. So, if you use Excel for your routine tasks, it’s a good idea to follow Excel blogs and websites and keep learning new things you can do in Excel.

Here we are listing nine websites that you can follow to learn MS Excel hacks and build your expertise.

How To Excel is an informative place to find tips and tricks on using Microsoft Excel. The articles here are mostly style lists, explaining different ways to perform a specific task in Excel.

Easy-to-follow instructions along with screenshots make it a good choice for beginners who want to learn Excel. You can also watch helpful video tutorials on his YouTube channel.

Additionally, How To Excel offers paid courses and e-books on its website. To receive Excel tips straight to your inbox, you can subscribe to its newsletter.

Excel Off The Grid is another website where you can learn lesser-known Excel tricks.

On Off-Network Excel, you can get guidance on more advanced topics such as VBA, Power Query, and Office Scripting. That said, it does cover some beginner level stuff like splitting cells or displaying fractions.

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Even better, it has a library of VBA codes, divided into several sections, which allows you to easily automate your routine tasks. To further strengthen your skills, you can buy ebooks written by his team.

A joint project of 4Bits and Add-in Express, offers awesome Excel add-ins to augment its functionality. Moreover, it has tools for other office applications such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace and Outlook.

To help its users, maintains a helpful blog on its website. Articles are usually handy features with code snippets and screenshots to make your job easier. These articles are written by different authors, all Excel experts. offers both free and paid tools and add-ons on its website. So if you want to simplify your daily work, you can also use them. is one of the go-to resources for Excel help. covers both basics and advanced Excel topics.

On the website, you can find hundreds of actionable articles on different topics like charts, tutorials, VBA macros, pivot tables, and more. Likewise, has a YouTube channel with dozens of step-by-step tutorials.

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To hone your skills, you can sign up for Excel and Power BI courses or purchase books. It also offers ready-to-use templates for Excel dashboards, charts, graphs, and more. sends out a weekly newsletter, covering Excel and Power BI tips. Additionally, you can join his forum and get help from other members of the community.

Excel Tip strives to improve the skills of students and professionals in MS Excel, so that they can perform more complex tasks on the program.

It’s run by the team that created Excel Forum, one of the most popular forums for discussing Microsoft Excel.

On Excel Tip, you can find articles on Excel Basics, Excel 365, Functions, VBA, Charts, and more. There are separate sections for Tips & Tricks and Editing/Formatting in Excel. Even better, you can download ready-to-use dashboards and templates from its websites.

For random Excel tips, you can check out his Tip of the Day. Plus, it runs a newsletter, sending awesome tips straight to your inbox. has been providing Excel help to professionals for two decades.

The Excel Tips section of this website has dozens of short and straight forward articles on different Excel topics. Moreover, it has a separate news page where you can get the latest updates on MS Excel.

Similarly, offers quick video tutorials on its YouTube channel. You can also subscribe to its newsletter, Power Excel, which is delivered to your inbox once or twice a month.

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But is more than just a blog. You can shop and learn from his books, templates and Excel courses. It also has a forum where you can interact with other Excel users and get your questions answered.

Trump Excel is another website where you can get Excel tips and training. Trump Excel has a pretty informative blog that has tips for beginners and advanced users.

These stylish tutorials make your daily tasks easier by recommending shortcuts and formulas for specific tasks.

You can also download free Excel templates for productivity, project management, scheduling, and other purposes. There is a list of over 100 Excel functions, along with explanations and tutorials for each one.

He also has a YouTube channel with free Excel lessons. These include training for Power Query, Dashboard and VBA.

Run by Gašper Kamenšek, Excel Unplugged is a simple website with dozens of posts about Excel.

Top topics include Excel functions, tools, Pivot Tables, Power BI, VBA, Pivot Tables, and general Excel facts. He also writes about the R language, sharing basic concepts and tutorials.

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The articles on Excel Unplugged contain how-to tips with screenshots that make it easy for beginners to follow instructions. The Author’s Choice page is a good place to start if you’re looking for random advice.

Excel University offers Excel training to help people do more in less time. It offers fully-fledged courses designed for people with different skill levels, professions, and goals.

Besides training, Excel University regularly publishes articles on its websites. These are different tips and tricks, ideas for using Excel, how-to guides and explanations of the different features.

You can also find articles written by the Excel University team for other publications, access free resources, and register for their webinar on the website.

Unleash the power of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is such a sophisticated and useful software that it is almost impossible to learn it completely. But by learning one thing at a time, you can build your Excel skills and improve.

These websites and blogs make it easier for everyone to learn Excel tips and tricks. However, if you want to learn it properly, you better enroll in an online course and learn it in a structured way rather than randomly.

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