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According to the annual Cost of a data breach report published by IBM Security, the average cost of a cyberattack for businesses in Europe and North America in 2020 was $3.8 million.

That’s enough to sink many small and medium organizations. However, forewarned is forewarned and a solid digital defense is possible if you have the right information.

Knowing what’s happening now and what’s coming is essential in the fight against cybercriminals. Stay up to date on current and emerging threats with news and advice from the top 10 industry blogs.

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April C. Wright. Location: United States. ArchitectSecurity

Proudly calling herself a “hacker for the greater good,” April C. Wright is a professional technologist, author, teacher, and community leader. With a focus on information protection, security awareness, and privacy, his blog is suitable for both businesses and individuals as it aims to proactively educate, implement, and strengthen our defense against cybersecurity. expanding universe of cyber threats. Typical posts cover topics such as the best ways to physically destroy unwanted data, how your photos on social media can make you vulnerable, and what personal data you might inadvertently give to law enforcement if you join. event.

Brian Krebs. Location: United States. KrebsonSecurity

An old Washington Post investigative journalist, Brian Krebs delivers a very informative blog, but also easy to digest and pleasant to read. Credited as the first journalist to publicize the existence of the infamous Stuxnet virus, his reporting often makes tech news headlines and in some cases has led to the dismantling of entire networks of cyberthieves and hackers. Recent posts have revealed ATM skimming gangs, DDoS for rental syndicates, and massive data breaches.

Bruce Schneider. Location: United States.

Described by The Economist As a ‘Security Guru’ but preferring the term ‘public-interest technologist’, Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security professional, cryptologist and author. His blog sits at the intersection of security, technology and people and focuses on cyber business issues that impact the public. Corporate malfeasance, data breaches and business failures to protect proprietary personal information are themes he returns to repeatedly.

Byron V. Acohido. Location: United States. Last Watchdog

Founder, Contributor, and Editor-in-Chief of The Vanguard Last Watchdog webzine, Byron V. Acohido is a Pulitzer Award-winning journalist and web producer. Visit Last Watchdog to watch videos, surf cyber news, get informative analysis, and read guest essays from leading figures in the cybersecurity community. Expect content that is always accurate and fair, with recent articles exploring the surveillance of complex modern networks, telecommunications data breaches that expose large numbers of mobile users, efforts to make software products more secure, and ransomware attacks on global supply chains.

Cyber ​​Security Center. Location: Global

Of course, our own blog should be included in this list, because the Cyber ​​Security Center The team provides weekly updates on breaches and attacks under “Incident of the Week”. The weekly incident update details attacks on businesses while providing thought leadership to prevent attacks in the first place.

Graham Clley. Location: United Kingdom.

Member of the European InfoSecurity Hall of Fame and co-host of the weekly podcast Brilliant Security, veteran antivirus expert Graham Cluley worked for Sophos and McAfee before launching his career as a journalist in 2013. Since then, he has consulted with governments, advised the world’s largest companies and worked with law enforcement to hunt down international cybercriminals. Its eponymous site provides technical information, analysis and expert advice to protect your valuable data.

Pierluigi Paganini. Location: Italy. Security cases

Producer of a prolific blog that was recently named Top National Security Resource by the United States, Pierluigi Paganini is a member of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security, Threat Landscape Stakeholder Group and the Cyber ​​G7 Group. With over 20 years of experience in the field, his writings cover everything from deep web and hacktivism to internet of things, malware, mobile security and more.

Sucuri Blog. Location: Global. blogsucurI

Sucuri Inc is a globally recognized company that provides website security software and services to businesses of all sizes around the world. This comprehensive blog is curated by an experienced team of security professionals and it demonstrates a laser-like focus on planting malicious malware on autonomous systems and entire networks. Recent articles have covered the dangers to the growing global army of remote workers, an acceleration in the use of cryptocurrency mining malware, the five types of hackers and why they hack and phish big banks.

Threatening post. Location: United States.

As the name suggests, Threatpost focuses on current and emerging cyber threats. This informative site offers real-time news and analysis of malware and technology vulnerabilities. Learn what is happening now as well as what could happen tomorrow. Find out what you can do to ensure your systems stay safe from malicious attacks. Find out how to get them back online if the threat has already manifested. Recent articles examine how modern malware never gives up being dangerous, builds a strong defense before it’s too late, and how thousands of cryptocurrency investors have been robbed.

Webroot blog. Location: United States.

Webroot is an American security technology company that leverages the cloud and artificial intelligence to prevent zero-day threats in real time. Written by Grayson Milbourne, Tyler Moffitt, Marcus Moreno, Brenden Vaughan and Adam McNeil, the Webroot blog explains the many ways cybercriminals infiltrate information systems and how the reader can defend themselves against them. Written in plain, easy-to-read English, their articles provide information and opinions on topics as varied as the role of ransomware insurance in the spread of ransomware attacks, the importance of backups and Layered Protection in the Cloud and Can We Ever Really Fix IoT Security?

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