The most read blogs on MyNorthwest in 2021


It may not have been as historic as 2020 for news, but 2021 has had no shortage of major issues to discuss. Commentators and personalities from KIRO Radio, KTTH and MyNorthwest gave us insight into topics ranging from homelessness and eviction moratoriums, to the state of downtown Seattle and minimum wage.

The most read news stories on MyNorthwest from 2021

1. Seattle mom says Green Lake bathrooms are for homeless people only
A Seattle mother told Dori Monson that she was blocked from using the public restrooms in Green Lake because they are for homeless people only. While playing at the park with her 18-month-old daughter, Kristen went to use the toilet only to find it was blocked with tape. Read more.

2. Jason Rantz: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding the “math is racist” madness
Jason Rantz reported that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds a group of activists who think math is racist. A group of marginalized educators have compiled a six-part toolkit offering an “integrated approach” to developing “anti-racist math practice”. Read more.

mystery album
3. A mysterious photo album discovered during a Seattle estate sale
Feliks Banel found a Seattle man who bought an old photo album a few years ago at an estate sale on Queen Anne Hill and put it on one of his shelves. Now local historians are excited about the rare images discovered inside. Read more.

to rent
4. Washington property manager says many are choosing to sell due to an eviction moratorium
As Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan decided to extend the eviction moratorium through June 30, 2021, and with the statewide moratorium also extended, there was even more concern from owners who were in difficult situations. Read more from Jason Rantz.

5. Why increased spending doesn’t seem to be helping Seattle’s homeless
One of the perceptions has long been that Seattle spends a lot of money on homelessness and residents don’t see the needle moving. Is public concern about spending versus outcome legitimate? Read more from Jack Stine.

6. Business owner: Crime and homelessness in downtown Seattle has “never been so bad”
After KIRO Radio’s Gee and Ursula Show shared their own stories about visiting downtown Seattle, particularly regarding the homelessness crisis, they heard from a local business owner who said that “It has never been so serious”. Read more.

7. Seattle’s dad says the local park is “completely surrounded by campsites”
After hearing about the homeless encampments that have taken over Ballard grounds and kept local Little League teams from playing, others have brought up similar issues in different Seattle neighborhoods. A listener named Erick shared his story with Dori Monson. Read more.

Curley Tom
8. John Curley commissions a Sondheim-inspired song for Tom Tangney’s latest show
December 1 was Tom Tangney’s last show on KIRO Radio, as well as the official end of the years-long partnership behind the Tom & Curley Show. Read more.

9. How does Dick’s Drive-In pay workers $19 an hour with a menu under $5?
Dick’s Drive-In has always paid high salaries and provided incredible benefits to its employees, like college scholarships, childcare and health care, and in late September the company increased its base pay of $18 to $19 an hour, reports Rachel Belle. Read more.

10. Dave Ross: When will Disneyland return to Seattle?
Dave Ross shared his thoughts after visiting downtown Seattle in September: “The few times I’ve been downtown since the 2020 office exodus, I’ve felt lonely and a bit threatening. I also remember that not so long ago everyone thought there were too many people. Too vibrant! Amazon was bringing in too many well-paid young people – remember that? Read more.


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