The 9 Best Archeology Websites and Blogs to Follow


Learning about human origins, lost civilizations, and ancient artifacts can be both interesting and informative. There are several websites and blogs from which you can learn about archaeological finds and mysteries.

Here, we’ll take a look at the nine best archeology websites you can follow to keep up to date with the latest archaeological news and finds.

Popular Archeology is a leading digital archeology magazine that publishes archeology news and research for the layman.

Popular Archeology covers daily news in the fields of archaeology, writes about intriguing finds, and publishes in-depth reports. Moreover, you can read opinions and interviews of famous archaeologists on this site.

Popular Archeology has several contributors, most of whom are archaeologists themselves. She publishes four issues of her online magazine every year. You can also subscribe to his newsletter to get archeology news delivered to your inbox.

Popular Archeology has a free plan that lets you access most of the content. But you will need to subscribe to the paid subscription (which costs $9 per year) to access more in-depth content.

Current World Archeology is a prestigious print archeology magazine that publishes archaeological news and articles on its website.

Each issue of this magazine contains news and articles on the latest archaeological discoveries. It also contains book reviews and the stories of all the unique and old items. You can read about first-hand experience of different archaeological sites on its website.


Current world archeology also shares interesting images from different artifacts, sites and museums. If you want to explore a specific continent or country, you can browse articles by region.

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Current World Archeology publishes six issues per year. Subscription to the print magazine costs around $50 per year, although you can read most of the content for free on its website.

Published by Archaeological Institute of America, Archaeological Magazine is a 70-year-old magazine for archeology enthusiasts. It has print and digital editions, as well as a content-rich website.

Archaeological Magazine covers the news of discoveries, in-depth articles and reports. It has interactive maps of different regions that allow you to visit virtually any site.

Archeology Magazine also shares pictures and stories about interesting artifacts found in different parts of the world. On its website, you can also watch videos, view slideshows and listen to podcasts on different archaeological sites and topics.

The annual subscription to Archeology Magazine, which consists of six issues, costs around $30 per year. You can also subscribe to the Archéologie magazine newsletter.

National Geographic has a section for archeology on its website. They cover news, different ancient sites and archaeological mysteries in the form of videos and articles.

Aimed at a general audience, the articles are quite interesting and feature helpful illustrations or images.

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There are definitely websites on this list that offer more in-depth coverage, but that’s not what National Geographic’s section is for. Rather, it is aimed at the average person who might be overwhelmed with all the details.

Formed in collaboration with Montana State University and the United States Bureau of Land Management, Project Archeology is committed to raising awareness of archaeological sites.

To this end, Project Archeology regularly publishes blog posts on different archaeological sites and topics. It has several informative resources for teachers and students. These include educational guides, courses and quizzes.

Project Archeology also holds workshops and conferences in different states to help people learn about ancient civilizations. Their online store offers several archeology books, merchandise and educational kits.

Archaeologica is a 23-year-old archaeological news board created by archeology enthusiasts.

Archaeologica aggregates archaeological news from several websites and publishes them daily on its website. These news articles mostly come from authoritative websites like CNN, ScienceDaily,, and Scientific American.

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On its news page, you can view the daily news archive. Archaeologica has a forum with different discussion forums and threads for archaeological events and conferences. There is also a thread with people’s favorite photos of ancient sites or artifacts.

American Journal of Archeology is another journal published by the Archaeological Institute of America. Founded in 1885, it is one of the most reputable and peer-reviewed journals.

Although AJA magazine requires a subscription, it has an open access policy under which certain content is published on its website. This includes in-depth review articles, book reviews, museum reviews, and picture galleries.

Non-subscribers can read some research published in its print magazine online. The Learning Resources page is particularly useful as it gives you access to career guides, databases and multimedia.

Subscription to the digital version of this quarterly journal costs $80 per year for individuals, while the print+digital subscription costs $100 per year.

Ancient Origins is a popular archeology website that aims to reveal information about archaeological finds and mysteries. He also shares some academic research with his audience.

Here you can read about unique artifacts, ancient sites, human origins and ancient writings. The Unexplained section is particularly interesting because you can read about various unsolved archaeological mysteries.

The website also publishes opinion pieces to offer a variety of perspectives on archaeological topics. You can also watch videos and view images of their expeditions. Ancient Origins also offers a discussion forum and a newsletter.

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Although many of the articles on his website are available for free access, he does offer a membership, which gives you access to premium content. In addition to in-depth members-only articles, subscribers can view monthly webinars, download bimonthly e-books, ask questions of archeology experts, and read its digital magazine.

Gold members can even join the Ancient Origins team on their expeditions. Membership costs around $5-10 per month.

Founded in 1967, Current Archeology claims to be Britain’s favorite archeology magazine. It covers everything from prehistory to the present day.

On the Current Archeology website, you can read news, features, museum and book reviews, and opinion pieces. There are reports of the latest excavations and discoveries.

Current Archeology offers a series of articles on the history of Britain, covering everything from 500,000 years ago to the present day. Plus, it maintains a list of upcoming digs that you or your kids can join.

Archeology enthusiasts can also subscribe to the monthly Current Archeology magazine. The digital version costs $80 per year and the print edition costs around $67 per year.

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For history buffs, archeology can be a fascinating subject. These websites and online magazines allow anyone to better understand the human past and keep abreast of the latest archaeological discoveries.

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