Peanut launches online community for postmenopausal women


There are times in our life when it helps to know that you are not alone. Menopause is one of those times.

Women’s social network Peanut is launching Peanut Menopause, a digital community to help women navigate menopause, as well as perimenopause and postmenopause (the before and after stages).

Peanut says that so far there hasn’t been an online community dedicated to postmenopausal women. She hopes to change that with the launch of Peanut Menopause, providing a secure online space for women to meet and share information about their experiences.

Peanut Founder and CEO Michelle Kennedy told Mashable that women going through all stages of menopause really need to be heard, supported and prepared. During the development of Peanut Menopause, Kennedy and her team spent a lot of time understanding the biggest challenges women face.

“At the end of the day, they feel alone and totally unprepared for this stage of life,” she said. “The symptoms are even misdiagnosed by the medical profession due to a lack of research and funding in the area of ​​women’s health.”


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“These women deserve a safe space reserved for them, populated by a community that knows exactly what they are going through. Being able to ask questions and share experiences with other women gives you validation and helps you know that you are not alone, ”she added.

Peanut Founder and CEO Michelle Kennedy.
Credit: peanut

Peanut Menopause will be launched in the Peanut app in a dedicated section. Women who join the app will go through a registration process that will ask them what stage in their current life is: perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause.

You will then join a private network of women at a similar stage in life where you can discuss experiences and learn about Peanut content published by the application. You’ll also be able to use features like swipe to connect, private chat, form groups, and audio rooms (similar to Clubhouse).

Kennedy hopes Peanut Menopause facilitates honest conversations that help end the stigma and taboo that keeps people from talking about menopause.

It’s Peanut’s latest move to dissolve stigma and promote support for women’s health – in April, the company launched a glossary to replace outdated terms of pregnancy and fertility.


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