Peacemaker Fans Discuss Meaning of Diary and Disturbing Theories


In James Gunn, we trust.

Many audiences were disappointed with David Ayer suicide squad and it looked like we would never see the gang explored live again.

However, the guardians of the galaxy The director rose to the challenge and his take received acclaim from audiences and critics alike, ushering in some exciting new characters.

Indeed, among them was Peacemaker, played by John Cena. His popularity has earned him his own series on HBO Max and there have been plenty of details to digest so far.

Speaking of which, the Peacemaker episode 5 diary has become quite the talking point…

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Explore the Journal in Peacemaker

In the fifth episode, we see celebrations going on and Peacemaker invites Adebayo over for a drink.

The pair hit it off, and she gives him some much-needed advice on pursuing a romance with Harcourt. Sharing his insight into his behavior, it’s a touching and well-scripted exchange that reveals things about both parties.

However, the sentiment is cut short when we see Adebayo plant the journal given to him by his mother – Amanda Waller – in his house while he is in the bathroom.

While his motivations and the repercussions of his actions are yet to be addressed, that hasn’t stopped fans from throwing their two cents online.

Peacemaker | Peacemaker teaser | HBO Max

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Peacemaker | Peacemaker teaser | HBO Max





“I hope the team will stay together”

Essentially, many fans agreed that the log planting may have been orchestrated to frame Peacemaker and cause a rift between him and the others. One strong enough for it to influence public opinion and gain more control.

It is a fabrication and may include false claims and admissions that are not true.

One fan recently tweeted: “I hope the team will stick together after all this, but the newspaper could cause a huge falling out.”

Another one viewer echoed this, arguing“I hope the team doesn’t break up this season and sticks together…I have a feeling the newspaper’s revelation is going to cause something serious.”

We haven’t uncovered the contents yet, but the fact that it’s in Peacemaker’s house is sure to cause widespread mistrust. When the actual content is revealed, it will be determined how much it will affect Peacemaker and his path.

Indeed, a fan delve deeper into a theory“They didn’t reveal that Amanda Waller was trying to set up Peacemaker, but with some attention to what’s going on and a bit of brains, you can easily proclaim that she will with not just her character, but the “Peacemaker Diary” planted in its trailer is a dead giveaway.

When is Peacemaker coming back?

Thankfully, audiences won’t have to wait long for concrete answers as Peacemaker returns with Episode 6 on Thursday, February 3, 2022.

The series is made up of eight episodes in total, with the finale coming to us on Thursday, February 17.

Peacemaker is now streaming on HBO Max.

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