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In appearance, the fashion is simple. It’s cuts, it’s fabrics, it’s an outfit. But below the surface, fashion involves much more personal and collaborative elements. As photographer and owner of the online community Denver Models, Dominic Hermosillo knows the importance of creativity as well as anyone.

Hermosillo has built a strong community of local creatives. With the transition from this community to a media agency, we here at Review 303 spoke with Hermosillo about his mission and what defines Denver creatively.

Learn to build

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To understand Hermosillo’s commitment to helping creatives thrive, it helps to understand his own journey.

Hermosillo did not have an extravagant childhood. Her parents worked hard to provide for her and her sister’s needs, which Hermosillo took to heart.

As he grew older, he noticed that his parents’ hard work paid off. Watching them change their situation through perseverance taught Hermosillo an important lesson, which will eventually help him grow. Denver Models in what it is today.

“Watching them progress even as I get older has set an example for me throughout my life. I feel lucky, ”he said.

Find the photograph

This desire to grow led Hermosillo in a number of creative endeavors. He started DJing and playing music, which eventually led him to photography.

“I bought the camera to take photos for my music and to record videos of myself DJing as well as doing a series of vlogs,” he recalls. “I quit vlogging and music, so I started wanting to do photography. “

Hermosillo began to tour with local models. As he became more connected, he began to realize the depth of diversity and creativity that Denver possesses. He wanted to showcase that creativity and build a platform to help creatives pursue their dreams.

This is what led Hermosillo to become the owner of Denver models.

Diversity in Denver

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Image courtesy of Domenic Hermosillo

Hermosillo started out by simply sharing photos of local photographers and models. He became more and more connected to the community, familiarizing himself with a network of creatives.

As he learned more about the many creatives in the area, he developed an appreciation for what makes Denver’s modeling and photography community special. Diversity on display in Denver allows for a new and exciting artistic vision.

“Denver’s modeling community is unique because of the diversity we are fortunate to have here in our city. There are so many amazing models, photographers, videographers and other creative people in Denver doing an amazing job, ”Hermosillo said.

Denver Models is developing

This inspired him to start organizing meetings. At these events, a collection of local photographers and models come together and collaborate freely. Not only does this build community, but it also allows for a kaleidoscopic barrage of creativity.

In this unique environment, creatives grow while developing a sense of security and connectedness.

“I think that because of the community Denver Models builds a culture of understanding, communicating and stepping out of your comfort zone which has helped him to be more and more successful, ”said Hermosillo.

While Denver Models initially served as a simple features page, Hermosillo realized that it had the potential to grow into something bigger. He focused on finding ways to help creative people make a living doing what they love.

“I exchanged a lot of ideas with other designers as well as with mentors trying to decide what the overall direction would be,” he said.

Become a media agency

After extensive consultation with the community, he finally decided to create a media agency that could support and develop creative people while putting them in contact with potential employers or entrepreneurs.

“My hope for the Denver Models the media agency is to connect models, photographers, videographers and creatives with paid and unpaid opportunities that can help them capitalize on their creative experiences so that one day they will have the experience they need to get their big break, ”said Hermosillo.

With the official launch of the Denver Models agency scheduled for January 2022, Hermosillo looks forward to the future. He sees the media agency as the first stop on what we hope will be a long and beautiful journey.

“I see a lot of things going forward for Denver Models, but for now I just want to focus on what we’re doing right now at Denver Models with a community focus. I think that once the media agency fully starts up, I will have a better idea of ​​what the future holds ”, said Hermosillo.

Eyes to the future

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Photo courtesy of Juan Lopez

Hermosillo knows that creativity involves overcoming uncertainty and finding new avenues for growth. Looking to the future, he is convinced that the Denver Models community will continue to thrive.

“It takes a lot of creative, caring individuals who share a common goal to create something truly amazing, and that’s what defines Denver creatively – people.

With the launch of the media agency, Hermosillo will bring a fresh take on many Denver-based designers. He hopes this will bring new opportunities to the community and help them pursue their dreams.

Through hard work and openness to new ideas, he hopes Denver Models will continue to serve as a way to showcase the city’s thriving creative scene for many years to come.


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