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Crocodiles can be intimidating. Some males can reach 7 meters in length and weigh up to 1500 kilograms. Giant and ferocious, they can attack anyone who approaches them.

This is what happened in the Gatorland amusement park in Florida, USA. Savannah Bowen, a zookeeper specializing in crocodiles, was attacked by one of her animals. She was running quietly when the crocodile Ricardo approached her and attacked her.

Check the timing of the attack:

The reptile did not say that it was not a real savannah, but a cardboard replica. In a good mood, the caregiver posted the video on Instagram with the caption: “At that time Ricciardo thought he was hosting me!”.

For fun, Savannah’s followers made many funny comments. “He wanted the hat,” one follower said. “Mom, are you? said another quietly.

The post has been viewed over 280,000 times and topped 25,000 likes.

Despite the attack, Savannah is known on social media as a “crocodile muse”. She shows in her videos that she gets along well with the animals she takes care of.

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