10 Interesting Blogs For Seniors To Nurture Their Inner Reader


Reading is one of the best hobbies an older person can have. Reading positive things can keep your mind fresh, which is vital for your well-being.

To this end, people have created many blogs specifically for the senior community. These blogs discuss various aspects of life from an older person’s perspective, which makes the content relevant.

Here we are going to take a look at ten interesting blogs for seniors to keep you up to date and entertained.

SeniorPlanet.org - Home Page

Senior Planet aims to make your old age more meaningful by offering new skills, routines and classes. It will help you learn new things to better navigate through the digital age.

Senior Planet Technology Services for Seniors offers technology courses, some of which are free. These courses improve your computer skills and teach you how to use the Internet to your advantage.

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The site also organizes conferences and workshops to help you learn more about the technology. Technical guides take part in these activities and share their knowledge with you.

This website also helps you become more physically active by introducing exercises and routines. People aged 60 or over can join this online community and enjoy all the benefits, including health insurance, etc.

AARP.org - Home Page

This blog aims to change the way people talk about age. This allows you to spend your senior years as you wish without fear of being judged. It provides a lot of content on different topics for seniors.


AARP focuses on guiding you about your finances, health, jobs, elder care, and more. It also has content about movies, music, and celebrities. You can also access the members-only section with a subscription.

Suddenlysenior.com - Homepage

Suddenly Senior has tons of informative and fun articles. It has many categories including health, humor, lifestyle, nostalgia, retirement, romance, technology, travel, romance, and many more.

The website publishes many articles to help you with travel, health, fitness, and more. Reading this content can help you better manage your old age.

This blog is great if you want to learn new things and stay active and productive. It also contains lists of several other useful websites that you can check out.

Sixtyandme.com - Homepage

The goal of this blog is to transform the lives of women over 60. If you are interested in beauty and lifestyle, you will definitely like Sixty and Me.

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The blog also helps you find profitable work for independent living, with articles on small businesses, part-time jobs and managing retirement. It also focuses on creating a positive mindset and reducing stress.

You will also find articles on the well-being of older women. It has lots of health and food related articles and content about beauty, dating, travel, mindset and aging.

Seniorslovetoknow.com - Homepage

LoveToKnow provides quality information on family and relationship management, nursing home operations, retirement, senior services and assistance programs.

The blog contains articles in over 100 categories. You can find content related to pets, entertainment, gardening, beauty and style, travel, health, hobbies and more on this website.

With so much content on so many topics, you’re sure to find something that interests you. LoveToKnow is updated regularly, so you’ll often find new things to read.

ElderChicks.com - Homepage

This is a website made by women and ideal for women who have just entered the new phase of their senior life. Elder Chicks is a growing network of older women at various stages of adulthood.

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You can connect and support other women through this blog by sharing your life and story, your writings and discussion forums. You can learn new skills from other women and make your life more productive.

On Elder Chicks, the women share their life experiences of pain, joy, triumph, and adversity. It helps you to make vital and correct decisions in life by drawing inspiration from strong women.

Greyfoxblog.com - Homepage

Gray Fox is all about men and menswear. Older men should also have the chance to dress according to the latest trends. This blog was specially created for this purpose.

The main target of the blog is men aged 40 or over. Items are geared towards British-made menswear, cars, travel and arts.

Gray Fox is very popular among older men, and those who follow him get a lot of fashion ideas. You can up your fashion game by reading articles on this blog.

Feistysideoffifty.com - Home Page

This blog is dedicated to women in their fifties. It meets all the needs of older women, whether it’s earning money or helping women with makeup or dealing with stress and anxiety.

You will find many guides on this blog that help women in different phases of life. Feisty Side of 50 will dramatically increase your knowledge and help you make better life choices.

Many women have joined this community and they love being part of the Feisty family. He encourages women to be proud of the accomplishments they have made in life.

Feisty Side of 50 focuses on the general well-being of women. The blog can help women with family and financial issues, fitness, motivation and health issues.

Lifestylefifty.com - Homepage

Lifestyle Fifty is for women 50 or older. On this blog you will find different topics related to food, travel, look, beauty and well-being. It also provides a new frame of mind, allowing you to see the fifties as the new thirties.

You will find exciting surveys and inspiring articles. The blog also helps you plan a vacation. He intends to regulate all aspects of your life as an elderly woman.

Plus50lifestyles.com - Homepage

Plus 50 Lifestyles aims to revisit aging in a new way. He tries to portray aging as a lifestyle change and an opportunity to do new things, rather than age as a problem.

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As the name suggests, the blog is dedicated to people over 50. Content on the site attempts to help the older community better cope in relationships, health, finances, travel and appearance.

Posts on Plus 50 Lifestyles focus on health, travel, finance and real estate. You will find a lot of useful information related to all these categories.

Take advantage of your advanced age by following these blogs

All of these sites aim to make your senior life easier in one way or another. The older community can connect to these blogs and make their retirement life more fun.

These websites specialize in different areas. You can choose the one that interests you the most. Older people created most of these blogs. So we think you will find them very close.

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