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Welcome to this page where I hope you will share with me the passion I have for people, for life, for words.

My writings are not genre-oriented. Writing is mainly a passion giving me the opportunity to express myself on subjects close to my heart, those I am concerned about. My goal in life, as for many of you, is to live in close harmony with my fellow man, every day of my life.

In the preface of every book, I explain my motivations on the choice of the subject, in order to clarify the starting point of the story

Personal enrichment, personal values that take shape and become the thread. A well-filled career, an exceptional experience full of cultural discoveries.

One must always dream… and be sure to keep an open mind. I like to discover the artistic expressions of others. Personal development cannot take place without sharing.

The individual freedom of expression is fundamental for a happy life. My books only represent my own humble point of view.

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